LUXE Holdings Remuneration & Nominations

Remuneration Committee


The remuneration committee currently comprises of LCH Chou (chairperson), N Siyotula and A Maizey.

The remuneration committee met four times during the period under review, additional meetings are convened as necessary.

The committee comprises three independent non-executive directors. The CEO and CFO attend portions of these meetings by invitation. They do not have a vote, nor do they participate in discussion regarding their remuneration.

Details of directors’ fees and remuneration are fully disclosed in the financial statements. In addition, the proposed fees to be paid to non-executive directors are set out in the notice of the annual general meeting. The non-executive directors fees are put forward for approval by shareholders by way of a special resolution at the upcoming annual general meeting.

Remuneration of executive directors in their capacities as executive members of the management team, as approved by the committee, is fully disclosed in the consolidated financial statements. The committee invites executives and senior managers of the Group to attend meetings as and when required.

Remuneration responsibilities include:

Nominations Committee

The nominations committee currently comprises of N Siyotula (chairperson), LCH Chou and A Maizey.

The nominations committee met four times during the period under review and convenes additional meetings as necessary.

Nominations committee responsibilities include: