LUXE Holdings Governance

Our Approach to Governance


We believe that good corporate governance, which includes transparency and accountability, is key to the integrity of the organisation and the ability to manage risk and perform at optimum levels.

Underpinning the disciplined approach to governance is the determination to ensure that a balance is maintained between good governance and operational efficiency aimed at executing the strategy.

It is recognised that strategy, performance, sustainability and risk are inseparable. The board also takes into consideration the concerns and priorities of the wider stakeholder environment in its strategic guidance and decision-making process.

To ensure that effective corporate governance is consistently prioritised throughout the group, the board applies the principles of The King IV Report on Corporate Governancetm for South Africa, 2016 (King IVTM) and the Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited (JSE Listings Requirements) (see the King IV Register Index and the reporting in terms of section 3.84 of the JSE Listings Requirements on the website at under the Corporate Governance Section).


Statement of Compliance


The company is subject to, and remains compliant with the JSE Listings Requirements.